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We have the very best clients! Working with these kind, creative, enthusiastic, adventurous souls has allowed us to grow our business doing what we love most. We are deeply appreciative to those who have supported us, continue to support us and mostly, understand our vision. it is because of you that we are able to do what we Love.

The following is a collection of customer testimonials, please feel free to share your experience with Buffalo craft Company, llc. Your words mean more than you know.


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I’m not an off-the-shelf type of person, so shopping for an appropriate wedding ring proved to be challenging for me until I discovered Buffalo Craft Company. From my initial phone call with Mark it was clear the finished product would meet my needs. The Duke ring is the perfect combination of rustic and refinement and exactly what I was looking for. Those who have seen the ring before the event are just blown away by the look and uniqueness. Mark, I could not be happier with end result. Thank you so much!!!!
— Michael McLaughlin, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
I searched for months for someone to reforge an old family piece into a new engagement ring. Mark took on a difficult project that many other jewelers had rejected, delivered a beautiful piece for us, and he did it on-time and on-budget. We can’t say enough good things. Thanks Mark!
— Anonymous, Franklin, Tennessee
I cannot put into words how great an experience this whole process was. Mark was extremely helpful through out and any customer would be pleased with the service and the work put into making such an amazing piece of jewelry. I will be recommending Buffalo Craft to any and all. Thank you again Mark for all of your efforts in making my experience with the company a memorable one.
— Anonymous, Wheeling, West Virginia
We found Buffalo Craft Co through some internet research on wedding/engagement rings. We had a semi-formed idea of what we wanted and their work seemed like a really good fit. I am so glad I reached out to Mark because he was able to work with us and figure out exactly what we wanted and how to make it happen. We had some ideas of how we wanted our rings to look, but Mark is also full of insight and ideas so it was a very interactive design process. And mark will send you pictures along the way so you can see it come together. It is a privilege-and really fun- to personally (albeit not in person) work with a craftsperson to create something that is handmade and truly unique. We couldn’t be happier with the final products. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an alternative to generic, mass produced jewelry.
— Anonymous, Fort Collins, Colorado
I met Mark while living in Buffalo and began designing my nature inspired engagement ring. We continued corresponding through email while I moved to Albany and he to Nashville. The entire time Mark kept in contact with new pictures and updates of the rings progress and design working with me to create something unique and beautiful. My fiancé and I traveled to Nashville to finish the rings process. I was able to pick out the center diamond and have it sized while Puka worked with Mark to pick out his own design. In all this has been a great experience, especially seeing the finishing touches of the rings construction in person and working with Mark, the craftsman himself. Being able to take part in its construction has made the rings even more important and given us a fun story and adventure to share.
— Cassie and Puka HoChing, Albany, New York
I had a stone that my grandmother left me for my engagement, and I wanted to have a setting made for it. My now-husband and I decided to reach out to Buffalo Craft Company because we had purchased jewelry from them before, and we loved the designs on their website. I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted, but I told Mark that I was thinking I would like something with an art-deco flair. Mark asked me a few other questions about the kind of jewelry I liked and then sketched out a few designs. I found one that I loved and Mark moved forward crafting it. He had great communication throughout the process and I appreciated his attention to detail. I emphasized that I wanted a dainty, delicate ring and he made an extra effort to ensure that I would be satisfied with the final product. I absolutely LOVE my engagement and wedding set. My brother, a wedding photographer, has taken many photos of wedding rings and said it is easily one of the most unique rings he’s had the pleasure to photograph. I’m so happy to have such a beautiful setting for my grandmother’s stone. I hope it is something that my family will be able to cherish for generations to come.
— Anonymous, Buffalo, New York
I had an idea of a wedding ring that I wanted created. After discussions with Mark on the phone, he sent me examples. We discussed specifics and he created exactly what I envisioned. I highly recommend Mark if you have an idea that you want to come to life.
— Joshua Strawser, Arcanum, Ohio
I worked with a local jeweler to design and create my fiancé’s wedding ring. When it came time to pick my own wedding ring, I wanted to find something as unique and timeless as the ring I chose for her.

Men’s wedding rings seem to be divided into three categories:
1) gaudy gold and silver monstrosities straight out of a gangster movie,
2) plain silver bands with beveled edges of the sort that can be found on the hands of most married men, and
3) flashy rings made from tungsten or titanium that cost less than my monthly cellphone bill and must be replaced rather than resized.

After searching online for almost three months, I had become resigned to the fact that my fiancé would have an awesome ring that she loves, but I would be stuck with a ring that made me think, ‘meh,’ every time I saw it.

At this point, I stumbled upon Buffalo Craft Company’s website and began scrolling through pictures of the custom men’s rings Mark and Kate had made in the past. I remember being blown away by how gorgeous and unique each piece was; even the rings that didn’t appeal to me personally still stood out for their remarkable craftsmanship. I felt like I had spent the past two months searching department stores for a Pollack, only to finally stumble through the doors of a museum.

The experience of working with Buffalo Craft Company was amazing. I submitted an online inquiry about the mokume-gane and rustic palladium rings and received a phone call the next day. Mark and I chatted about the kind of ring I wanted to wear, as well as his previous work and the creation process.

When I told him I’d like a mokume-gane style ring, Mark involved me every step of the way, from selecting metals to choosing the width of the band and the pattern of the ring itself. Throughout the entire process, Mark kept me up-to-date with texts and picture messages, none of which did the final product justice. The ring I received is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Gents, you can do better than an $80 titanium ring that was spat out of a machine. As a symbol of the marriage commitment, one’s ring ought to be as special as one’s relationship, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from Mark and Kate. I have, and will continue to, recommend Buffalo Craft Company to anyone looking for a beautiful, custom ring that you’ll love to wear.
— Zachary Hopper, Kansas City, Missouri
I chose Buffalo Craft Company for my wife’s engagement ring because I wanted something unique and one-of-a-kind. I didn’t want to go to a store and pick out a cookie-cutter ring that anyone could walk-in and buy. I wanted a ring that was made specifically for my wife, because just like my proposal, I wanted it to be from the heart. I wanted it to have a story. Like everyone, I wanted it to be SPECIAL. I’m extremely happy to say that Mark and Kate at Buffalo Craft Company gave me exactly what I wanted, and then some. I was able to unload all of my crazy thoughts and ideas for a “perfect ring”, without any knowledge of what is possible in jewelry design and fabrication. Somehow, to my amazement, Mark and Kate made it possible and made it a reality. To say my wife loves her ring is an understatement. She gets compliments everywhere she goes from friends, and strangers, who can’t help but notice it and ask, “I’ve never seen a ring like that, how and where did you get it?!”

After my initial experience with Buffalo Craft Company, there was no question where I was going to go when it was time to craft our wedding bands. Yes, I said CRAFT. Not, PURCHASE. Because you’re not going shopping for a ring. You’re not just picking something out that was sitting on a shelf or in a case. That’s my favorite part about what Mark and Kate do… YOU create your jewelry in your head, and Mark and Kate use their professional knowledge and experience to talk with you, and come up with a concept and design that will be crafted from complete scratch, just for YOU.

Our wedding bands from Buffalo Craft Company were even more incredible than the engagement ring. As unique as my wife’s engagement ring was, in shape and design, Mark and Kate were able to craft a beautiful, one-of-a-kind “cradle” ring that fits perfectly flush with the engagement ring on both sides. And for my wedding band, I was able to browse through tons of unique materials that I didn’t even know existed. I was able to choose exactly how I wanted them presented in my wedding band. I was involved in every detail, from making material decisions to cater to my budget, down to picking what species of wood and bone I wanted to include in my custom wedding band. Now, everywhere I go, my wedding band turns heads and I get to tell my story about how Buffalo Craft Company made my custom ring with white gold, dinosaur bone and spalted tiger oak wood!
I tell everyone I know, that when it comes to jewelry, why would you choose anyone but Buffalo Craft Company? If you want something custom, crafted just for you…Made locally... Completely hand fabricated from raw materials… Something that you can’t find anywhere else, in any store, on any shelf… go to Mark and Kate.
— Mark and Deanna Hall, Buffalo, New York
The decision to ask her to marry me was incredibly easy - finding the right ring, however, was a much more daunting task. She is an artist, a photographer, and loves vintage jewelry, so something new and shiny from one of the corporate behemoths at the mall just wouldn’t do. I’m a technophile with modern tastes, who typically wears no jewelry, but I wanted a ring that would compliment her ring as well as we compliment each other. What store was I supposed to walk into to find that? We needed a custom jeweler.

The challenge with selecting a custom jeweler is that there are a million to choose from, and how do you know who has both the skill and integrity to complete your vision? We found Buffalo Craft Company online, and after speaking with Mark on the phone, I knew we had found a jeweler we could trust. I was impressed by the depth of knowledge that Mark brought to the table, and his patience with helping us design the perfect rings. He was even able to find an unusual California gemstone we wanted to incorporate into the ring, and helped us refine our ideas to produce rings that complimented each other perfectly - A twig cast set of rings for her, and wood grained Mokume Gane band for me.
Mark turned what was otherwise a daunting and overwhelming process into a fun and memorable experience for my fiancé and I. We enjoyed working with him, and would strongly recommend Buffalo Craft Company to anyone else looking for custom jewelry created by a true craftsman.
— Jeff, Sherman Oaks, California
From the beginning, we knew we wanted a custom set of wedding rings – but in the digital age, when you can connect with a craftsman anywhere in the world with no more effort than hitting send on an email, how do you know you’re choosing the right person to create something you will wear for the rest of your life? After our experience working with Mark, I can assure you Buffalo Craft Company will not only produce the perfect piece of jewelry for you, but also make the whole process memorable and enjoyable from start to finish.

My fiance Jeff and I scoured the internet, looking at various custom ring styles and jewelers. Both of us value craftsmanship and skill in technical execution, and at first were frustrated by the quality of construction in the Twig Style rings we were seeing for sale online. I wanted something that both expressed my quirky style and maintained a timeless quality; Jeff wanted a unique ring that complimented mine, without perfectly matching, that would also stand up to the everyday wear and tear inflicted upon it. We separately found examples of nature inspired rings, and were pleasantly surprised to learn they were both made by the same jeweler – Mark Farrell, at Buffalo Craft Company.

A phone call to Mark put us at ease with the whole process – he educated us on purchasing a diamond, with some guidelines to help fit our stone into the design we were looking for. We decided to purchase an antique Old Mine Cut diamond, and had it sent to Mark to evaluate the stone and confirm it was appropriate for our intended setting style.

After another phone call and a few emails back and forth, we began the design phase. It was such an enjoyable process, and Jeff and I looked forward to the frequent update photographs Mark would send us, showing us the progress being made on our rings. He helped us weigh the pros and cons of different metal types, their durability and the way they would wear in the years to come. Mark was also very knowledgeable when it came to dealing with our nickle sensitivities, something we were both very concerned about.

Our experience with Mark at Buffalo Craft Company couldn’t have gone any better. From the very beginning, Mark helped to educate us on every step of the process, and answered all of our questions about custom jewelry creation. He was able to translate our design ideas and inspirations into elegantly crafted pieces of heirloom quality jewelry – something we are both proud to wear every day of our lives.
— Kristen, Sherman Oaks, California
I came to Mark and Katie totally clueless. I had seen their work and knew that they were awesome. I wanted to make a great engagement ring for my partner, but had no idea where to begin. I did know that I did not want something generic and mall-store bought. After a quick and easy consultation with them I was put at ease. I got a quick beginner’s lesson on the basic’s of jewelry. I gave a rough, amateurish description of what I envisioned. Mark offered his professional opinion, and after a few sketches, we came to a workable vision. We went through a couple of easy drafts, then agreed on an awesome endgame.

I never felt pressured, or rushed. I never felt stupid or young. I think they know what it is like to want to create something special and awesome for someone that you care about, all while living within your own means. I think that they really make the effort to make that happen. I put that ring on my partner’s finger 6 months ago, and I have never been so proud. I know that I will feel that same pride 50 years from now.
— Pat Shanahan, New Orleans, Louisiana
Ridiculously Awesome!
We had the pleasure of working Mark and Katie from Buffalo Craft Company in the creation of our wedding bands. Mark and Katie are the best; seriously, we were so lucky to find them to design and craft our incredible, one of kind wedding bands.
We knew exactly what we didn’t want: generic, mall-bought rings. But besides being locally made we didn’t quite know what we did want. Mark had such a clear artistic vision with our rings. He was able to turn our vague inspiration of “Rustic” and “Rustic, but pretty” into the most fabulous and unique wedding bands! Thank you Mark and Katie for making the process easy and enjoyable!
— Rachel and Nick Spade, Buffalo, New York
A very special and satisfying process to see an idea expertly executed by master crafters.
— Erin Faison, Richmond, Virginia
I came across this company browsing the internet for hours/days/weeks looking for inspiration for the perfect ring for my beautiful fiance. I live in Florida and could not find the right jeweler in our area. Everything I looked at just wasn’t right and when I looked into some custom shops they were all mostly cast rings. Finally I came across Buffalo Craft Company’s web site and looked at the nature inspired custom ring series and was astounded by all the detail. I went ahead and emailed asking about orders/rates and I got a response within hours. From that first email and phone call I could not have felt more informed and secure about my decision. At first I was weary of purchasing something so expensive remotely but I was totally reassured by several great phone calls with Mark himself and he worked with me every step of the way to provide me with the most perfect ring I had ever seen. From helping me choose a stone and sketching out a rough sketch to sending pictures of the progress weekly until it was polished and ready to ship. Their craftsman ship is out of this world and I am a firm believer in supporting artists and skilled craftsmen. To have a ring unlike any other that came from both our inspirations and have a personal say in each step along the way is unlike any other jewelry buying process I’ve heard of. If you like the work that Buffalo Craft Company does and you are unsure of the online remote buying process. Just pick up the phone or send an email and once you speak with someone you might just find your on your way to having a one of a kind piece of jewelry at an astounding price you won’t believe.
— Kevin Monty, Niceville, Florida
Altogether I am very pleased with the design and execution of my ring and pendant. You explained everything clearly and kept me informed with pictures and choices. Thank you for reliable and friendly service.
— Annette Masling, Buffalo, New York