Q:   What is your guarantee? 
  Buffalo Craft Company, LLC guarantees the craftsmanship and materials of each piece i.e. jewelers workmanship, metals and design as well as meeting all of the specifications approved in the final design of any custom order. Our work is assured to be of the finest quality and free of defects when it leaves our facilities.

*It is the customer’s responsibility to order the correct ring size. Please contact us if you need assistance with this.
*See “Stones” for full stone disclosure and warranty.



Q:   What is your warranty? 
  We warranty all work against defects in workmanship. With return authorization, you may return an item for repair or replacement within 10 days of the date of invoice. Once received, if an item is determined to be defective, it will be repaired or replaced at our discretion and returned to you without charge.          

*Our warranty excludes coverage for daily wear and tear, items exposed to abuse or adverse environments, loss, chipping of stones or theft. Please treat all materials with proper care. 

*Any repairs serviced by anyone other than Buffalo Craft Company, LLC will void all warranties.

Q:   Should I insure my jewelry? 
:   It is always a good idea to insure your jewelry with a third party insurance company. We recommend insuring your jewelry through, Jewelers Mutual. They offer the most comprehensive insurance for jewelry. We will include information about their company with every purchase.


Return Policy

Q:   What is your return policy? 
  With return authorization, you may return an item for repair or replacement within 10 days of the date of invoice. Once received, if an item is determined to be defective, it will be repaired or replaced at our discretion and returned to you without charge.

All returned jewelry must be in its original, unused condition, with no missing, broken, or exchanged components. The finish of metal is to be unscratched and unmarred. Any scratched, altered, blemished, used/worn or broken items are not eligible for a refund or exchange unless the item(s) were flawed due to our fabrication error.

Enclose each piece in its original packaging. Include all paperwork and certifications. The package must be properly padded, packaged and insured for the total purchase amount. The customer is responsible for all shipping fees and any customs, duties or clearance charges. Buffalo Craft Company, LLC is not responsible for lost or damaged items during transit. 

Any jewelry that contains stones, is a custom order, has been engraved, repaired or resized is not eligible for exchange or return.

Due to the fact that all items are made to order, there is a 25% return fee. Original shipping charges, credit card fees, duties or clearance charges (if any) are not refundable.

We are not responsible for any naturally occurring defects found in our materials, i.e. stones. Stones are not indestructible and should be worn with care, we do not guarantee items exposed to abuse or adverse environments. Please treat all natural materials as such. Replacing or repairing damage to these materials is the responsibility of the owner.

Many stones are not appropriate for everyday wear due to their delicate nature. In regards to engagement rings and wedding bands specifically, we recommend using diamonds, sapphires or rubies, as they are harder and more durable stones.

We are not responsible for allergies to materials in our items or minor differences in color, pattern and texture. All pieces are handmade and will differ slightly due to the nature of the craft.


-Gemstone Disclosure
Some gemstones are processed from the time they are extracted from the earth by one or more traditionally accepted trade practices and have been subject to colored gemstone enhancement processes.

We specialize in natural gemstones for their rarity and beauty.

We are not responsible for any naturally occurring defects found in the stones that we use i.e. feathers, inclusions etc. Stones are not indestructible and should be worn with care. Replacing or repairing damage to these materials is the responsibility of the owner. 

Q:   What kind of stones can be set in your engagement rings and wedding bands? 
  We believe that the center stone of an engagement ring is an integral part of the design. The stone should enhance the over all feel and look of the ring or set. The center stone should demand respect and visual attention. As a result we strive to use only the best quality and most unique stones the planet has to offer.

Many stones are not appropriate for everyday wear due to their delicate nature. Some are brittle and can brake easily while others are soft and scratch quickly. For engagement rings and wedding bands we highly recommend using diamonds, sapphires or rubies, as they are the three hardest and most durable stones on the planet. They will stand the test of time. *Alternative stones may be used for jewelry other than engagement rings and wedding bands.

We have diamond suppliers whom we work with very closely and specialize in very clean, bright, GIA certified diamonds. We also enjoy using unique champagne, brown, and salt and pepper diamonds that have a very interesting rich natural color, and attractive inclusions lending them well to our Elegant World Series.

Along with diamond dealers we also work closely with several gemstone dealers and custom stonecutters. At the top of their field, they allow us even more design flexibility when fabricating a custom or made to order piece.

Q:   What is the Deacon Sapphire? 
  We currently offer an exclusive cut of sapphire coined, “The Deacon Sapphire.” The Deacon Sapphires are cut for color density, as well as maximum light return resulting in optimum performance. They are custom cut here in the USA and feature many unique colors that are not normally seen in traditional jewelry. Sapphires are not all blue and can be found naturally in orange and purple tones as well as many others.

Q:   I already have a stone or want to buy my own, will you set it for me? 
  Yes, depending on the stone, size and shape. Please contact us for shipping instructions. https://www.buffalocraftcompany.com/contact/

*Many stones are not appropriate for everyday wear due to their delicate nature. For engagement rings and wedding bands we recommend using diamonds, sapphires and rubies, as they are harder, more durable stones. *Alternative stones may be used for jewelry other than engagement rings and wedding bands.

Q:   Can I order a ring without a center stone?
  We do not sell our mountings without stones. Each hand crafted setting is either custom or made to order by our skilled craftsman, all of which are experts at securely setting your precious gems into our unique and sometimes untraditional mountings. 


Q:   How do I determine my ring size? 
  We recommend getting sized by a professional jeweler preferably with a comfort fit sizing set. The ring should slide on easily but should take a little bit of work to get it off. You should have to rock it back and forth over your knuckle or twist it off ‘unscrew’ it over your knuckle.  If it slides on and off easily you should try the next size down. You want the ring to get ‘stuck’ behind your knuckle this is literally what keeps your ring on your finger. If you can't find a store with a comfort fit ring sizing set, don't fret, you can be sized with what ever they have available. 

Q:   What if one size is too tight and the next size is too loose?
    We can break a ring size up into quarter sizes. Most ring sizing sets contain full and half sizes. In the event you are jockeying sizes, we are happy to make your ring in a quarter size. If you need a quarter size please fill out a contact form and provide us with your size and ring selection and we will be in touch with you shortly. https://www.buffalocraftcompany.com/contact/

Q:   What if I ordered the wrong size? 
A:    Most of our rings can be resized. If you ordered the incorrect size, please contact us within ten (10) days of the date of invoice and we will be happy to resize your ring at no charge.

We will gladly provide additional re-sizing or sizing at a later date for a small fee. Please contact us with your new ring size and we will provide you a cost estimate. https://www.buffalocraftcompany.com/contact/

 The customer is responsible for all shipping fees and any customs, duties or clearance charges. Buffalo Craft Company, LLC is not responsible for lost or damaged items during transit. 


Jewelry Care

Q:   Can I wear my ring all of the time? 
  Your ring should be treated with care; stones and precious metals are not indestructible. We recommend removing your ring when exposing yourself to household cleaners containing bleach. Avoid exposure to chlorine such as hot tubs and swimming pools as it can weaken any gold alloys. Lost stones, pitting, corroded or crumbling jewelry can result over time. Strongly consider removing your ring when gardening, playing sports, working out or during any other activities that might cause trauma to or damage the ring in any way.

Q:   Will my ring show scratches and ware overtime? 
  Some metals are harder and more durable then others, however, all precious metals scratch from regular wear, changing the finish slightly over time. This is considered normal ware throughout the life of the ring. It is recommended to consider your lifestyle and daily activities before choosing the right ring for you. If at any point you would like us to reapply the original finish or texture to your ring, we will be happy to do so. A small fee may apply.

Q:   Can another jeweler size or repair my purchase? 
  We do not recommend having another jeweler size or repair your purchase. Not all jewelers hold themselves to the same standards and understand how to correctly work with the materials, gemstones and unique mountings that we provide. Upon receiving your jewelry we will clean and evaluate your purchase at no charge. We will notify you if any service or repairs are needed. Costs of repairs are determined on a case-by-case basis. 

The customer is responsible for all shipping fees (to and from) and any customs, duties or clearance charges. Buffalo Craft Company, LLC is not responsible for lost or damaged items during transit. 

Q:   How should I clean my jewelry? 
  All fine jewelry and precious metals can be cleaned with any commercially available jewelry cleaner or cloth. You may also use dish soap and warm water to gently cleanse your piece with a toothbrush.



Q:   How do you ship? 
  Unless other arrangements have been made, all domestic orders ship UPS 2nd day Express Mail, fully insured. An adult signature will be required at the time of delivery. If the package is left without obtaining a signature, no claim can be made for its loss under the shipping insurance requirements. Once a package is delivered, our insurance is considered null and void.

Arrangements can be made to ship to your place of employment. Please provide the name of the business when providing the shipping address.

Q:   Do you ship internationally? 
  Yes, we ship DHL to international customers. The customer is responsible for all shipping fees and any customs, duties or clearance charges. Please contact us directly to place international orders and provide a shipping address for an accurate shipping charge. Once we receive your inquiry and shipping information we will email you an invoice to pay at your convenience. Receipts will be emailed after every transaction.  https://www.buffalocraftcompany.com/contact/

Q:   How do I ship my jewelry or gemstones to you? 
  We offer UPS Express Mail labels to customers shipping jewelry or gemstones to Buffalo Craft Company, LLC. Please contact us for more details about this option. https://www.buffalocraftcompany.com/contact/



Q:   What is your preferred method of payment?  
   If you are ordering by phone or request an emailed invoice we accept VISA, AMEX, MASTERCARD or DISCOVER. You will receive an emailed receipt after every payment.

Q:   How do you brake up payments for custom orders? 
  Typically, we break up the payments into 3. The first payment is for the stone purchase price (if applicable).  The second payment is 1/2 down of the price of the ring(s). The third and final payment is the remaining 50% plus any tax and shipping.  All custom order payments are taken over the phone or an emailed invoice can be sent to pay at your convenience. You will receive an emailed receipt after every payment.

Q:   Do you offer financing for custom or made to order rings? 
  Currently, we do not offer financing, however, if you need to break up the payments further, we have no problem doing so. Please contact us to discuss this option.

We do require 1/2 down before beginning fabrication on any custom order. Fabrication will begin once this amount has been reached. All custom orders are non-refundable. Choosing to cancel a custom order at any point after fabrication has begun will result in the forfeiture of any payments made.

If you are purchasing a made to order ring, we will fabricate and ship your ring once it has been paid for in full. Choosing to cancel a made to order ring at any point during the payment process will result in a 25% restocking fee of the total price of the ring.  Any credit card charges will not be refunded.


Custom Work

Q:   Can you create a custom piece for me? 
  Creating custom, heirloom quality jewelry for an individual customer is a privilege and we enjoy every minute of it. It is our hope that we can make custom jewelry an approachable, accessible and enjoyable experience for our clients. The fabrication of this work is a special process for many individuals and couples, and is truly a collaborative effort between BCC and our clients. We welcome the opportunity to work with and collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. This process begins with an in person or phone consultation to discuss your vision. 

All finished work and designs created by Buffalo Craft Company, LLC remain the sole property of Buffalo Craft Company, LLC. We reserve the right to photograph any jewelry, custom or not to utilize the work in a repertoire or portfolio for future promotion. These pictures may be viewed on www.buffalocraftcompany.com or shared on other promotional sites chosen by the company.

Q:   Can you engrave my ring? 
  Yes, we can engrave the inside of most rings with alphanumeric characters.


Q:   What metals do you fabricate your rings from? 
  Metals are alloyed to enhance properties of the metal such as workability, ductility, strength, hardness and luster to name a few. Each material has benefits and limitations. BCC designs modern jewelry with old world techniques and carefully choose our metals and stones to offer the best product. As designers we utilize metals for many reasons. We most commonly we use certain alloys in our designs for there color attributes.

Gold is naturally a rich yellow color. Gold is available in many different purities and colors. We at Buffalo Craft Company, LLC commonly use 18k and 14k in a variety of colors such as white, yellow, red and green.

Yellow Gold 
Depending on the desired color, we work with 18k or 14k yellow gold. 18k yellow has a very rich and dark yellow color. It is also a little bit softer due to its purity. 18k yellow gold contains 75% gold. 14k yellow gold also has a nice rich, yellow color and has been alloyed to provide a slightly stronger material.

White Gold 
Gold is alloyed with a naturally white metal to give the gold its white appearance. Most commonly it is alloyed with nickel or palladium. Its hardness makes it well suited for engagement rings and wedding bands. Typically white gold is rhodium plated, this gives it a bright white 'pop' or appearance. The rhodium can wear off eventually, leaving a slightly warmer white gold color.

*If you have a known nickel allergy, you may want to request white gold alloyed with palladium, as it is a nickel free alloy. 

Rose Gold 
Rose gold or red gold is a high copper alloy. For the most vivid red color, 14k red is your best option. 18k red tends to be more light red or orange in color due to the higher amount of yellow gold in the ring. It is also well suited for engagement rings and wedding bands due to its strength.

Green Gold 
We only use 18k green gold because it gives us the color we desire for the accents in our rings, specifically the buds on our Elegant World line. Alloyed with silver makes 18k green gold a softer material and is only recommended for accent elements.

Palladium is a naturally white metal that does not require rhodium plating. It is a slightly darker gray, close to a gunmetal color. It is well suited for engagement rings and wedding bands and needs little to no maintenance. It is an excellent choice in lieu of alternative metals, i.e. tungsten, cobalt chrome or titanium because it can be sized up or down and cut off ones finger in a worse case scenario.

Platinum is naturally bright white in color and does not tarnish or require rhodium plating. It is very dense and does not loose metal overtime, however, it is a softer material and may show more scratches and ware.

Sterling Silver 
Sterling Silver or 925 is a naturally white metal. It is prone to oxidation. It is a soft metal and is not suitable to set precious gems stones in for everyday ware such as an engagement ring or wedding band. With the exception of mokume-gane, we do not offer sterling silver as a choice for fabrication for engagement rings or wedding bands due to its soft nature and the likelihood of showing ware very quickly. *Sterling silver is a fine choice for pendants, bracelets and rings that will not be worn on a daily basis.


Production Time

Q:   How long does production take for a ring? 
  Our fabrication time varies depending on the time of year. Spring and summer are generally our busiest months. Please allow 3-6 weeks fabrication time for most orders. 

*Please keep in mind designing a custom piece can be an involved process. Depending on how quickly we are able to confirm a design and the intensity of the piece it can take several weeks to several months from start to finish, these pieces may not fall into the traditional 3-6 week fabrication time. We will always try our best to accommodate any deadlines and can go over this at the time of purchase. 

Q:   Can I rush my order? 
  Some rings can be rushed for an additional $150.00 fee.  We will need two weeks for fabrication.


Hours of Operation

Q:     Where are you located?
Our studio space is located at 1035 Parkway Dr. STE 12A Spring Hill, TN 37174 . 

Q:   When are you open for business? 
:   Monday-Friday 11:00am-6:00pm CST By Appointment Only.

If you are visiting or live in the middle Tennessee area and would like to have an in person consultation, we are available by appointment. https://www.buffalocraftcompany.com/contact/

Q:   How can I contact you? 
We are excited to work with you and answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or work inquiries. We do our best to connect within 1-2 business days. https://www.buffalocraftcompany.com/contact/


Elegant World: Nature Inspired Collection

Q:   What is Elegant World
A:   Elegant World is our nature inspired engagement ring and wedding band series. Inspired by nature, our signature series transforms fallen branches and twigs into timeless engagement rings and wedding bands, using our "Pulled from Nature" process. We incorporate all of the endearing qualities and unique characteristics from each twig, helping to bring our rings to life and allowing our Elegant World engagement rings and wedding bands to standout among the rest. All it takes is a newly sprouted branch with spring buds or a gnarly knot or scar to inspire these one of a kind collaborations with nature. If you would like to create a custom Elegant World engagement ring or wedding band, please contact us for more details. https://www.buffalocraftcompany.com/contact/

Q:   What is "Pulled From Nature"?
A:   Creating unique and timeless pieces of jewelry utilizing parts from nature led us on a five year journey to develop our special and labor-intensive “Pulled from Nature” process. Striving to fabricate engagement rings and wedding bands that look like you could have stumbled across them on a spring hike, gives our Elegant World line it’s “real” and natural look. At one time the original inspirations for these pieces were living trees, acorns, and leaves. Through our research, experimentation and tool development we have meticulously honed our craft to replicate these natural works of art.


Rustic Ring Collection

Q:   What is a Rustic Ring?
  Inspired by a lifestyle our Rustic Ring series is rough, rustic, and distressed. A new scratch or scuff will only add to the beauty of these rings. The original Rustic Wedding Band, “The Mastermind,” was designed for those who work with their hands and its evolution has resulted in one of our flagship lines. This series combines texture and color to create a durable, timeless piece that can be dressed up or stripped down to meet the needs of the wearer.