Men's Elegant World:
Nature Inspired Wedding Bands


Elegant World is our nature inspired engagement ring and wedding band series. Inspired by nature, our signature series transforms fallen branches and twigs into timeless engagement rings and wedding bands, using our "Pulled from Nature" process. We incorporate all of the endearing qualities and unique characteristics from each twig, helping to bring our rings to life and allowing our Elegant World engagement rings and wedding bands to standout among the rest. All it takes is a newly sprouted branch with spring buds or a gnarly knot or scar to inspire these one of a kind collaborations with nature. Our rings can be made from 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold or palladium and platinum. These rings include a comfort fit interior and can be sized.

If you would like to create your own Elegant World Wedding Band, please contact us for more details. https://www.buffalocraftcompany.com/contact/


Creating unique and timeless pieces of jewelry utilizing parts from nature led us on a five year journey to develop our special and labor-intensive “Pulled from Nature” process. Striving to fabricate engagement rings and wedding bands that look like you could have stumbled across them on a spring hike, gives our Elegant World line it’s “real” and natural look. At one time the original inspirations for these pieces were living trees, acorns, and leaves. Through our research, experimentation and tool development we have meticulously honed our craft to replicate these natural works of art.


Our Fairview Elegant World wedding band is a beautiful design and a great example of our “pulled from nature process". Fairview's unique texture comes from a weathered limb that had fallen from a 100-year-old (or so) oak tree located in Fairview, TN. We were immediately attracted and inspired by its natural windblown, sun-bleached texture and knew instantly that we had to create a piece from its amazing bark. Fairview’s rich, naturally rugged appearance combined with the dark patina is eye catching to say the least. 


Our Greenbelt Elegant World wedding band was the first men’s wedding band designed for this series. Featuring a slimmer fit measuring 4mm at its thinnest point and 5mm at its widest, it includes two oak leaves that wrap the band creating an understated elegance using our “pulled from nature” process.



Our Lowland Elegant World men’s wedding band is a wider version of our Greenbelt men’s band; this ring averages 7mm and reaches 9mm at its widest point. Seeing a need to create a wider Elegant World band specifically for men set us out on journey to find a piece of nature that worked aesthetically and more importantly, physically. Using our “pulled from nature” process we created a wider band then we had in the past and incorporated a set of oak leaves. Unlike the Greenbelt ring, the Lowland allows you the flexibility to use different metals (or colors) for the band and leaves.

Our Upland Elegant World men’s wedding band is one of the wider bands in this series. Using our "pulled from nature” process Upland was created using a small branch rather than a twig. Averaging 7mm wide, some portions of this ring reach 9mm at its widest points. Designed for the wilderness enthusiast Upland's woodsy and natural texture pair well with one of our Elegant World woman’s engagement ring and wedding band sets.