Ring sizing

For custom work or made to order rings it is important to know your ring size. If you are in the Middle Tennessee area and it is convenient for you, Buffalo Craft Company, LLC can size your finger, however if you are not we recommend getting sized by a professional jeweler preferably with a comfort fit sizing set. The ring should slide on easily but should take a little bit of work to get it off. You should have to rock it back and forth over your knuckle or twist it off ‘unscrew’ it over your knuckle.  If it slides on and off easily you should try the next size down. You want the ring to get ‘stuck’ behind your knuckle this is literally what keeps your ring on your finger. If you can't find a store with a comfort fit ring sizing set, don't fret, you can be sized with what ever sizing set they have available. You may also determine your size by following the directions on the link below. Please keep in mind, this is not the most accurate ring sizing method and being sized by a professional is always preferred. However, if nothing else this will give us a good starting point.

Click here for directions on determining your ring size


Q:     What if one size is too tight and the next size is too loose?
     We can break a ring size up into quarter sizes. Most ring sizing sets contain full and half sizes. In the event you are jockeying sizes, we are happy to make your ring in a quarter size. If you need a quarter size please fill out a contact form and provide us with your size and ring selection and we will be in touch with you shortly. https://www.buffalocraftcompany.com/contact/

Q:   What if I ordered the wrong size? 
   Most of our rings can be resized. If you ordered the incorrect size, please contact us within ten (10) days of the date of invoice and we will be happy to resize your ring at no charge.

If a sizing is needed outside of our 10 day window, we will gladly provide additional re-sizing or sizing at a later date for a small fee. Please contact us with your new ring size and we will provide you a cost estimate. https://www.buffalocraftcompany.com/contact/

 The customer is responsible for all shipping fees and any customs, duties or clearance charges. Buffalo Craft Company, LLC is not responsible for lost or damaged items during transit.