Woman's Custom Wedding Band Gallery

Engagement rings often have unique contours; stone setting patterns, ornamentation and textures making it difficult to find a matching wedding band. We are often asked to create custom wedding bands to match these special pieces. The following are examples of custom hand fabricated, hand cut wedding bands we have created using a customers pre-existing engagement ring. 

 If you have ideas of your own or would like to discuss designing a custom wedding band, please contact us for more information. It is essential when creating a matched pair, that we have the engagement ring in house during the fabrication of the wedding band in order to match the contours, setting patterns and any ornamentation on the engagement ring. We aim to work quickly as we do not want to keep you away from your engagement ring any longer than necessary. 

We do our best to connect within 1-2 business days. 

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Monday-Friday 10am-6pm Central Time 

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Hand fabricated, hand cut, platinum wedding band with (8) 1.2mm VS-GH diamonds. Designed to be form fitting, we pulled elements from the vintage style engagement ring to design this one of a kind wedding band. The paisley elements, mill grain and hand engraved wheat leaf pattern tie both rings together to create this matched pair.   

14k white gold anniversary band, hand fabricated to match our client’s original, vintage 1920’s engagement ring and wedding band set. This band incorporates (10) 1.2mm VS-GH single cut melee, a popular cut from the 1920’s. The setting was hand cut and engraved to match the original design. Additionally, this anniversary band was given similar wear marks to recreate a perfect replica of the existing, 90+ year old wedding band set. 

Hand fabricated, hand cut, 14k white gold, cradle wedding band with French set diamonds.  This wedding band was fabricated to match the style and stone setting pattern of the existing engagement ring. A matched pair, the diamonds begin, end, and are spaced exactly as shown on the customer's original engagement ring.

Hand fabricated, hand cut, 14k white gold, diamond fishtail wedding band. Hand cut from one piece of metal, this traditional setting follows the contours of the customer's original antique engagement ring to create a consistent, matching wedding band.

Hand fabricated, 14k white gold wedding band with a vintage infinity milgrain design. Fabricated to correspond with an existing milgrain pattern on the customer's antique engagement ring.

Hand fabricated, hand cut, 14k yellow gold French set, diamond wedding band. The stone placement and curvature of the wedding band follow the exact contour of our customer's existing heirloom engagement ring.