Established in 2010 by its members, Mark and Kate Farrell, Buffalo Craft Company, LLC specializes in custom jewelry fabrication including engagement rings and wedding bands. We work to design unique pieces tailored to meet the specifications of each individual client. We enjoy incorporating unusual textures and contrasting metals into our work to create pieces rich with color and contrast. Our passion for creating handcrafted one of a kind jewelry and our ability to manipulate traditional jewelry techniques, allows us the flexibility to accommodate our sometimes untraditional requests and bring many sketches to life that would otherwise be unreachable. 

The fabrication of this work is a special process for many individuals and couples and is truly a collaborative effort between BCC, LLC and our clients. 

Beginning our journey in Buffalo, NY we have a strong connection to the city of good neighbors and felt that no matter where life took us, we would like to make sure a piece of Buffalo came along for the ride, hence the name, Buffalo Craft Company, LLC.  After five years in a city that we loved, we were pulled in more ways than one to move to our new  studio located in Arrington, Tennessee in the fall of 2015. With this move, many new and exciting opportunities continue to unfold. A goal of BCC, LLC is not only to fabricate exquisite personalized jewelry, but to eventually teach specialized classes to eager artists beginning their own careers or simply looking to expand their own knowledge and understanding.