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Bench No. 5

Your all-inclusive, elite, offsite, master jeweler solution.

A Buffalo Craft Co. subsidiary, Bench No.5 solves complex jewelry problems for stores, designers, and boutiques. With a deep understanding of advanced manufacturing skills and techniques our team of highly specialized jewelers apply their knowledge to solve and overcome these problems for you to ensure that each piece is crafted to perfection.

While we accept standard repairs and builds, we welcome and specialize in difficult repairs, rebuilds, restorations, custom design, manufacturing, stone setting, stone sourcing, and redesign projects. It is our goal to ease the burden of cumbersome, delicate, and complex projects for our partnering stores. Whether it is a custom mounting for an irregular stone, repairing or reworking estate jewelry, or fabricating a design that does not yet exist; Bench No. 5 is here so you can say “YES” to more specialized, high-end jobs.